19 Oct 15:14

Content Update Week - Guess the model!

Here is another Blender Rendering from our 3D artists. Can you guess the model again?

18 Oct 18:51

Cattle and Crops has been Greenlit!

We have just received an email from Steam telling us that Cattle and Crops has been Greenlit.

This means Cattle and Crops including the Early Access will also be available on Steam.   

Within the first 13 days almost 8000 of you voted “Yes” for our Greenlight Campaign, and brought Cattle and Crops to rank 4 of more than 2000 games.  

We’d like to thank you for that amazing success, for all your support, feedback and your engagement.

18 Oct 16:57

Content Update Week - Stapel VT 18000

17 Oct 16:25

Game content updates coming this week

We are preparing a devlog video about our AI helper for Friday 12:00 PM (UTC+1).

In the meantime we will present you some of our game content. Today we start with our models at Sketchfab from Strautmann. We are excited to read your comments.

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