05 Oct 21:21

Support us on Steam Greenlight

We’d love to offer Cattle and Crops on Steam - that’s why we’ve created a CnC entry on Steam Greenlight. You can help us to get the game greenlit by voting YES.

05 Oct 15:37

Good news! PayPal pledges available

After receiving many inquiries into payment methods other than credit cards, we’re happy to announce that we’ve implemented support for pledge/donation with PayPal on our website. This system will be fully integrated into our Kickstarter campaign, so any PayPal pledge gets the same rewards as a regular Kickstarter pledge would, and it also counts towards our total stretch goals. 

Visit cattleandcrops.com/kickstarter to support us.

02 Oct 19:38

Thanks! We've reached our first goal

First of all: Thank you so much for your overwhelming support! After only two days we have already reached our funding goal.

We are currently receiving a lot of positive feedback from you; reading and watching your reactions shows us we are on the right track!

For all of us this is an important milestone, but the amazing journey only has just begun.

The ingame trailer has already shown many basic features, but there is still much more to reveal.

At this time, we’re happy to announce the first four stretch goals for our campaign, offering additional features that’ll be unlocked once the targets are reached.

In the next couple of weeks we will keep you up to date with more news, videos and dev logs which will give you more insight into the development of Cattle and Crops.

In addition we’re introducing community rewards that which will lead to new material like images, 3D previews and more on this site. More about that in the next update.

Tschüss ;)

30 Sep 12:00

Kickstarter Campaign & Gameplay trailer

We're very proud to present our official gameplay trailer.

At the same time, we're launching a Kickstarter campaign with lots of new information.
You like what you've seen so far? Now you have the chance to support the Cattle and Crops development. Visit https://www.cattleandcrops.com/kick

We are excited to hear your feedback!

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