29 Oct 16:50

Textures for the Axion

Remember that CLAAS Axion render we've shown a few weeks ago? We've started the texturing process, and it's looking rather promising…

28 Oct 20:38

Claas Jaguar 960

Today we present the biggest member of our fleet family so far: the Claas Jaguar 960. Check it out on Sketchfab!

Remember, we’ve only got three days to go on Kickstarter. If you haven’t yet, support us by pledging, and help us reach that third stretch goal!

27 Oct 18:45

Modular buildings

Some insight into our modular building set: our kits makes it possible to create a virtually infinite amount of building combinations in a short time.

The screenshots show only a small part of those sets: for one thing some parts for residential buildings, for another thing some parts for industrial buildings like depots and factories.

These (and future) sets will also be available to you, making it easy to create new buildings for your own maps.

26 Oct 16:45


We're not done yet: proud to present Joskin as a new Cattle and Crops partner.

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