27 Nov 13:49

Claas Tucano 570 Rendering

Again you were spot on: It took you only a few minutes to guess the model. It's the CLAAS Tucano 570 combine currently being developed for Cattle and Crops.

Meanwhile the rest of our team is polishing and optimizing the content that will be included in the early access in march.

We've also successfully integrated support for all kinds of analog input devices like steering wheels, gamepads and joysticks.

16 Nov 16:30

DevLog - Crop Master 3000

We present some insight into our control units system: the newly developed "Crop Master 3000" gives you control over the grain storage's blower.

During filling and emptying of silo bunkers the Crop Master lets you adjust fanner direction, the auger pressure for (un)loading speed, as well as the bunker and pipe selection.

04 Nov 14:00

Lacotec LHII

A while back we showed you a high-poly rendering of an attachable chopper. We’re now ready to present to you the finished model. Check it out on Sketchfab.

Oh, by the way, those of you who said it was a Lacotec were correct 

02 Nov 13:35

Thank you!

Guys, we’ve made it! Monday noon we’ve successfully finished our Kickstarter campaign, and with that Cattle and Crops has been financed with more than three times the originally asked for sum.

For that, a huge THANK YOU from all of us at the CnC headquarters!

Monday’s sum of € 245,336 that all of you pledged towards CnC was just shy of the next target, but of course we’ll mark that next stretch goal, “Move that Mountain”, down as reached and will implement it in CnC in 2017.

The amount of feedback that you have provided in the past weeks, be it via Facebook, Kickstarter or in forums, has been amazing. If you have comments, suggestions or criticism, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks to your help, CnC managed to be greenlit on Steam within only two weeks. A big THANK YOU again to all of you who’ve supported and voted for us!

What’s next? In the coming weeks and months we’ll continue providing you with infos and updates on CnC. For that purpose we’re going to introduce a user forum and dev blog.

In the future we’ll also offer more options to support the CnC development via our website.

Additionally, thanks to the campaign we have drawn the attention of some companies from the agricultural industry, yielding in more possible partnerships. We’ll let you know about the who and the what and the why in one of our next updates.

The Cattle and Crops team

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