24 Dec 14:00

dev log: muddy conditions

Year’s end is closing in, and we’d like to wave good-bye with a tiny DevLog video. Muddy fields, getting stuck, mud on the wheels - those are some of the areas that we’re working on in order to achieve a more realistic driving behaviour.

The Cattle and Crops team wishes you Merry Christmas, happy holidays (and a festivus for the rest of us) and a happy new year! We’ll be back on January 2nd.

10 Dec 14:30

Joskin Timelapse

Something quick for the weekend: we played around with sun settings, timelapses, and Joskins...

08 Dec 16:00

New Rendering, new Brands and new payment methods

As you can probably see from all those screenshots we’ve posted, we’re currently deep in the process of creating assets - both vehicles and map assets. At the same time we’ve entered the UI implementation phase - meaning: creating menus, adding functionality and throwing buckets of paint on them. Last but not least, we’re constantly working on performance, graphics and gameplay improvements.

Nonetheless we have an update from our 3D department. Presenting a new trailer by our partner Joskin.

We have received a lot of support by agricultural companies in the past weeks, and were able to add a few new manufacturing partners to our portfolio. It was also thanks to some of your help that we could establish contact to a handful the companies - and for that we’re very grateful. #youknowwhoyouare

For that reason, we’ve added a new section on our website: the new ‘brands’ site will provide you with a list of manufacturers in Cattle and Crops. Additionally we’re happy to announce two new partners today: Kaweco, a Dutch silage wagon and slurry tanker manufacturer, and Huedig, a German irrigation manufacturer.

Check out the list at https://www.cattleandcrops.com/brands.

Finally, good news for everyone who doesn’t have a PayPal account but would still like to preorder Cattle and Crops (and thus #supportthedevelopment): effective immediately we offer credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and SofortÜberweisung as new payment methods.



27 Nov 13:49

Claas Tucano 570 Rendering

Again you were spot on: It took you only a few minutes to guess the model. It's the CLAAS Tucano 570 combine currently being developed for Cattle and Crops.

Meanwhile the rest of our team is polishing and optimizing the content that will be included in the early access in march.

We've also successfully integrated support for all kinds of analog input devices like steering wheels, gamepads and joysticks.

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