06 Oct 16:25

Today we have three goodies for you: the Hawe SLW 50T, a small building located in the village, and additionally some insights into the production of our gameplay trailer.

Takeaway food building

Hawe SLW 50T


Creation of the Gameplay-Trailer  


We have been frequently asked if we are using NASA computers to play Cattle and Crops. Short answer: No, we don’t have any cooperation with NASA - yet ;)

We are using regular consumer PCs. The ingame trailer was produced on an Intel i5 machine with 8GB RAM and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970. The framerate on extreme graphics settings was between 40 and 80 fps. As we haven’t spent too much time on performance optimizations yet, there’s still room for improvements. 

Camera Technique

We didn’t use any scripting for the camera movements. We developed an ingame tool that allows you free manual camera rotations around the vehicle with a few keyboard shortcuts for rotating, zooming and especially smooth transitions.  

Of course this tool will be available to you later as well, allowing you to create great ingame videos.


The trailer is an in-house production without the help of an advertising agency. The raw video material was produced by the MBB owners Lars Beinsen (bullgore) and Dennis Meise (hummel). The intro, sound tuning and editing were contributed by Zacharias Reinhardt.

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