18 Dec 18:00

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With this update we’re very excited to introduce our newest industry partner! The new header Mais Star* Horizon 800 FB by Geringhoff enables you to harvest maize grain with the Claas Tucano combine. During this type of harvest, the corn cob is completely separated from the plant and the kernels stored in the bunker; the rest of the plant is chopped up and left on the field. You can sell the harvested kernels at the harbor. We’ve added an introductory mission that’s available immediately.

Sliding vehicles Up until now, the vehicle wheels blocked too early during the braking process and it looked as if the machines would slip even at low speeds. We have adjusted the braking behavior and the handbrake for all machines: now the wheels decelerate not only visually but also physically slowly with the vehicle speed.

All other new items, bug fixes and changes can be found in the change log.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’re going to be back on January 13.

Note to the modders We have adjusted the fixed implement attachers (front loader, front loader tool, combine cutter, forage harvester cutter). Implements are now aligned to the attacher node so that the reference and attacher nodes have the same position and orientation. Existing mods may need to be adjusted.

  • Manufacturer Geringhoff, with 6m corn header Mais Star* Horizon 800 FB
  • Fruit type maize grain
    • Attention: maize swath can’t be tedded/windrowed/collected
  • Mission Maize Grain Harvest
  • Setting "Physics Realism" changed to 2 options
  • Cutting Controller: script method HasFillPackageOnPath. Returns whether there is a fruit somewhere on a connected path
  • GFX Vegetation Render Density is taken into account when displaying plants on the cutting controller paths
  • Cutting Controller can now send swath to two different Swath controllers (with different ratios)
  • The fertilizer type can now be specified for fertilizing tasks
  • Script methods GetLightState, SetLightState on the Implement Proxy
  • Script method CreateInstance: loads an instance dynamically
  • Console command "factionReputation"
    • Without arguments: lists reputation with the respective factions
    • factionReputation <factionId> <value>: sets reputation
    • Example: factionReputation harb 50

  • Save game load: unspawned animals will now be moved back into the barns
  • Bugs in the AI pathfinding were fixed - especially when path angles were exactly 0 or 2*pi, which triggered a bug in the math library
  • Optimized navigation paths at the harbor and farm. AI should no longer get stuck at those locations
  • Bogey trailers no longer have asymmetric attachment angles
  • Joskin Delta-Cap unloading textures show correct fill type again
  • Tank transfer continues even if the transfer window is hidden
  • Fertilizer implements automatically buy fertilizer when controlled by AI
  • Get…/Set…/HasParentMachineState now also works if the parent is a vehicle (previously only on implement parents)
  • Shader SSAO bug fix for environment objects
  • Engine raycasts replaced by PhysX sweep tests and machine spawn improved on sloping surfaces
  • Particle systems referenced by "ParticleType" are no longer re-initialized constantly, but only when changed
  • Cowshed: no animals in barns 0, 2, 4, 8 fixed
  • Hammer CornKing: fertilizing is activated automatically when controlled by the AI
  • Hammer Corn Seeder Unit: ridge marker side change is working again (both manually and via AI)
  • The Rauch Axis will be switched off after an AI task has been completed
  • Dammann Land Cruiser folds in/moves up the frame correctly again at the end of an AI task
  • Claas Quadrant clog mesh is displayed again
  • Harvest task progress is calculated correctly again
  • The position of the barn exit is correctly recognized and displayed in tasks again
  • Animal transport task with loading/unloading in the barn uses the correct transfer point again

  • Continued work on Tombstone 2.9.1 integration (many only internal changes)
  • Retail overlay with CNC version removed
  • Brake and handbrake values adjusted so that the vehicles no longer slip during braking (wheels lock)
  • Attacher angle (tow pin hitch and tow ball hitch): angles increased for MB Tracs, Claas Jaguar and Arion
  • Tow ball attacher added to Claas Jaguar and MB Trac 1000 (not visually)
  • The following vehicles have received more accurate dirt texture masks:
    • Bressel und Lade silage bucket S; S L; S XL
    • Claas FL 100
    • Claas cutterbar trailer 521
  • Strautmann Giga-Vitesse no longer supports the loading of threshed fruit or fertilizer, but only chaff, swath and feed
  • Reaching positions in self-created tasks now has a 30m tolerance
  • Environment objects at the farm and harbor optimized in order to reduce AI collisions
  • Attachable > Attachers have been revised (front loader, front loader tool, combine cutter, forage harvester cutter). Implements are now aligned to the attacher node so that the reference and attacher nodes have the same position and orientation. Existing mods may need to be adjusted.

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